• A privately held, New York based energy investment, consulting, and advisory firm

    Our vast and varied expertise in commodity risk management and financial services provides our clients and customers a depth and breadth of knowledge that is unsurpassed.

Our Focus

What We Do:

As an investment group, we review, advise, and often take a position in acquisition opportunities.
As a business consultant, our expertise is laser focused on the energy sector. Our expertise resides in both retail and wholesale markets.
As an advisory firm, we ensure that our clients receive the best options for their energy spend, based on each of their usage patterns.

Our clients are some of the world’s premier consumer facing brands, and our focus is developing cutting-edge strategy and implementation for the continued development of our clients.

Our mission is to exceed expectations while meeting all goals, objectives, and commitments. We are a dependable and reliable partner.

Our People and Partnerships

Our People:

Having access to some of the brightest talent coupled with strong strategic alliances in the financial markets and supplier arena provides OES a unique position to develop and implement next generation solutions for our clients’ needs.

While we have always been pleased to be judged by our results, our clients recognize us as a strategic partner that continues to deliver innovation of thought, unsurpassed financial reward, and solutions to very unique issues and opportunities facing the market today.


OES Contact Information



126 E. 56th Street, Floor 19
New York, NY 10022